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Shipping Lines’ Acceptance Process – DANGEROUS GOODS

This article is in conjunction with articles ‘Booking validation’ by Brian McIver & ‘Dangerous Goods – Rejection by Shipping Lines’ by Shashi Kallada World over most shippers are in dark wondering what makes the delay for a shipping line to revert with acceptance of a dangerous goods shipment request or what checks are being done … Continue reading

Police seizes 3,400 kg of ammonium nitrate in Bihar (India)

CRPF seizes 3,400 kg of ammonium nitrate in Bihar – The Hindu.


Ammonium nitrate based fertilizer (UN 2071)  must only be loaded in clean cargo space which can be opened up in an emergency. When bagged or containerized cargo is loaded the cargo shall be accessible through hatch entries and mechanical ventilation must enable the vessel to exhaust any gasses of fumes generated from decomposition Prior loading … Continue reading

Angle of Repose

Bulk granular materials when poured on a flat surface will create a conical pile. The internal angle between the surface of the pile and the horizontal surface is called as ‘angle of repose’. Angle of repose is depended on the density,  surface area,  and the shapes of the particle also the coefficient of friction. Antlion … Continue reading

High consequence Dangerous Goods & Security

In 1998  bombing of US Embassy in Nairobi terrorist used TNT , oxygen tanks, gas cylinders and four bags of ammonium nitrate fertilizer resulting in 100s of death and massive destruction.  Marriot bombing in Islamabad terrorist used approximately 600 KG of RDX mixed with TNT killing  54 and  266 injured!!! Ammonium nitrate is widely used … Continue reading


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